Brazilian Pepper Eradication Ordinance

Posted Date : Apr, 13 2011


(a)   The Brazilian pepper plant species (Schinus terebinthifolius) is hereby declared to be a noxious plant, 

capable of, and subject to, mandatory eradication pursuant to this article, in that such species is detrimental to 

or destructive of, the growth or condition of vegetation native to Hernando County. 

(b)   It is further hereby found and determined that: 

(1)   The Brazilian pepper plant species has spread rapidly in certain areas of Hernando County and 

Florida, displacing the diverse native Florida vegetation and associated wildlife habitat, and creating 

ecologically undesirable vegetative monocultures. 

(2)   The health, safety, and welfare of the present and future residents of Hernando County are 

dependent on minimizing degradation of the native ecological systems of the county. 

(3)   The Florida Legislature has recognized the problem of Brazilian pepper by enacting section 

369.251, Florida Statutes, providing that a person may not sell, transport, collect, cultivate, or possess 

any plant, including any part or seed, of the species Schinus terebinthifolius without a permit from the 

state and providing that a violation of the statute is a misdemeanor of the second degree, while 

excepting from the operation of the statute such transportation and possession as may be necessary to 

control such plants and to prevent the further dispersal of the species. 

(4)   For purposes of this article, "Brazilian pepper" means the species of plant, shrub or tree carrying 

the botanical term Schinus terebinthifolius; and "remove" or "removal" as applied to Brazilian pepper

means destruction of all plants and includes removal from the property of all debris from such 

destruction, provided that for purposes of a plan for removal pursuant to section 21-228 herein, the 

director of code enforcement department may determine that effective prevention of any continued or 

future growth of Brazilian pepper plants shall be sufficient to constitute removal.




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Brazilian Pepper removal

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