Caring for Your Lawn

Posted Date : Oct, 14 2011

Caring for Your Lawn:

If you possess a lawn, it’s obvious that you need to take good care of it. Lawn care and maintenance is not easy, but for those of you who have a passion for it, you’ll really enjoy doing it yourself instead of hiring companies to do the work.

Lawn Care Tips:

Here are some lawn care and maintenance tips that will help you to take care of your lawn.

Your lawn care and maintenance depends on the type of grass you choose which in turn depends on the place you live in. In the cold places you have to plant cool-season grass which turns green in winter and then becomes brown and dormant during the summer. In the warmer regions, it’s just the reverse, plant the warm-season grass. In the moderate regions, select a multi-grass lawn that will remain green throughout the year.

Planting the grass also depends on the place you live. Cool-season grass should only be sown in the fall and the warm-season grass in the spring season. If you can’t wait for the correct time, then you have to go for sod lawns which are much more expensive than seeds but lawn care and maintenance is easier.

Feeding your Lawn:

Fertilizing periodically to avoid pests, insects and other lawn diseases is vital in lawn care and maintenance. Cool-season grasses should be given the biggest feed in the fall season. An inch of compost can be applied to the surface and a little lower down the soil. Another feed in the spring consisting of corn glutton will prevent dormant weeds from germinating. Warm-season grasses should be fertilized with compost and corn glutton three times a year, in June, July and August. Never use corn glutton when you seed your lawn.

Water is an essential feed for your lawn care and maintenance. Watering should only be done early in the morning. The number of times you do it depends on the weather conditions. Grass needs at least one inch of water every three days, during the growing season. 

Mowing and Aerating:     

Mowing and trimming the grass is an important aspect of lawn care and maintenance. Experts recommend cutting off only one-third of the grass blade. If you cut more, yellow patches may develop on the lawn. Leave the grass clippings on the lawn which will decompose in seven days and this will provide a quarter of the fertilizer needs of your turf.

The final step in lawn care and maintenance is aerating. Your turf needs air and light for the grass to stay healthy. Use an aerator to make holes in the soil which will open up the soil and improves root growth. Weeding can also be done simultaneously.




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Caring for Your Lawn

Caring for Your Lawn:

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