Professional Landscaping Companies

Posted Date : Oct, 18 2011

You may have a passion for gardening and also have good knowledge of maintaining your lawn. But the actual landscaping and maintenance of your lawn especially if it’s a big one requires professional help. There are several landscaping companies who provide superior services and transform the exterior of your home into a luscious green lawn with vibrant flower beds.

Landscaping Companies Convert your Dreams into a Reality

It is difficult to get truly professional landscaping companies. Those few who are good provide quality service. A good company will go all the way to present their work, show their track records and even display pictures. It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Hence good landscaping companies offer free consultation services and suggest a customized design plan. Of course you need to provide them with pictures of your property from all angles.

Services Provided by Landscaping Companies

Good landscaping companies offer a variety of services to suit the customers’ needs. They are trained and have the knowledge to provide quality landscaping services.

Landscaping companies that work for residential spaces create customized designs that suit their client’s lifestyle. Whether it be sprucing up your lawn or creating a manicured look, these companies are trained in their trade. Therefore they combine creativity with good planning and come up with designs that have a well-balanced character. Landscape installation such as laying a stylish brick layout or lighting service can transform the landscape into a beautiful serene environment.

Water features are an interesting aspect of landscape designing. Landscaping companies can construct breath-taking waterways and fountains, small ponds or streams that will turn the area into a quiet retreat.

Landscaping for Commercial Properties

Most commercial properties require the services of landscaping companies to plan, design and maintain the land that surrounds the office building. Such professional companies work for large corporate campuses, an office building complex, shopping centres, city parks etc. A well-designed landscape attracts the attention of a client who visits your office.

It is good to choose a few potential landscaping companies who offer their suggestions and you in turn give your thoughts about what you expect from them. Landscaping for commercial complexes involves a more comprehensive work. It not only covers garden landscaping and its maintenance but also laying patios and block paving with natural stonework, customized irrigation system, gazebos, fountains and other water features or even a dazzling landscape lighting service.



Elite Land Services will not only provide you excellent, unsurpassed service but can also provide solutions to problems you may currently be having by providing a program to fix and stop future problems from occurring again. We have the knowledge and resources to provide you with professional service that you expect to ensure a beautiful manicured property year round.



Not only do we provide superior, professionalism in maintenance, we also have the skills to beautify your valuable investment. We have provided landscaping needs from residential homes to large corporate complexes by utilizing our well equipped nurseries for all your plant, tree, mulch and sodding needs.


Brazilian Pepper removal

Brazilian Pepper is one of the most problematic exotic species throughout Florida. Elite land Services has the knowledge and expertise to eradicate the problem. We will furnish all of the proper and required permits to complete the job. We have worked on projects both small and large, from two trees to as large as 30,000 pounds of extracted plants.


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Professional Landscaping Companies

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