Residential Lawn Maintenance

Your garden is not complete without a lawn. A lawn adds beauty and elegance to the landscape. Lawn maintenance is vital for the grass to stay healthy and look radiant. In other words your lawn needs your care and the amount of time and money you spend on it is reflected on the lawn.

Understanding your Lawn:

In order to have a lawn maintenance plan, you should first of all understand the growth sequence of the lawn grass. To a large extent, growth is accelerated during the early part of spring and reaches its peak by mid-summer. By the end of this season, growth decelerates and in winter grass stops growing and is almost dormant. Needless to say, the growth pattern of grass depends on its variety. So, once you understand this, you can plan and schedule your lawn maintenance for the whole year.

Maintenance Tips:

Spring is the perfect time to restore your lawn to its fullness. Firstly your lawn should be mowed to keep the grass as short as possible. Then use a dethatcher (a steel or power rake) to remove the layer of dead grass and other entrenched rubble in the soil.
The next step in lawn maintenance is aeration. This involves tilling the soil to about two or three inches so that water can penetrate through and air can pass in and out of the soil.
Most lawns are prone to insects and pests. This can be avoided by using fertilizers but remember it's best to use organic fertilizers. This is an important aspect of lawn maintenance.

Spring is the best time to seed a new lawn, but you have to be watchful of the weeds that shoot up. If weeding is done well in spring, then you can be assured of a weed-free lawn in summer. So, as you can see, lawn maintenance is hard work.
As summer sets in, your turf will require more water. To ensure that the water doesn't evaporate easily, it is important to water early in the morning. Watering should be done once a week, besides regular sprinkling. Since the grass grows to its maximum in summer, mowing your lawn is important.

Maintenance during the Cooler Seasons:

Lawn maintenance in the fall season is not much as the growth of the grass is less. Nonetheless, this is the best time to get rid of all weeds and fallen leaves. If the weather is dry, watering should be done periodically in the morning.

As winter sets in, lawn maintenance becomes simpler as the grass is dormant. So mowing is not required although you need to water the lawn intermittently.


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